Rybel LLC

About Us:

This is the first time we have written an About Page. For the most part, we all find these pages to be somewhat boring, and usually full of generic dates, names, and facts that nobody reads. This page promises to be the poster child of that! Naturally, we decided to Google “How to make an about page?”. I came across "Are You Making These 7 Mistakes with Your About Page?", of course: we made all of them. Enjoy…

MISTAKE #1: Don't have an About Us Page. (✓)
MISTAKE #2: Contact info isn't obvious. (Email Us Here!)
MISTAKE #3: Doesn’t really say what you do. (Will code anything for money)
MISTAKE #4: It’s boring. (✓)
MISTAKE #5: Only a video. (We don’t even have the budget for a video, so ✓)
MISTAKE #6: Way too wordy. (Well, you’ve made it this far…)
MISTAKE #7: Thinking the About Us page is all about you (I don't understand this one either)

So with that in mind, I present to you my official About Page summary, in less than 5 words:
“Will code for money"
If that interests you or simply want to know more, just ask.
-Rybel LLC

Staff Members:

Ryan Cobelli

CEO & Lead Developer

James Cobelli

President of the Board