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Providing a safe place for staff to work or students to learn is crucial to your success but this is becoming harder and harder. QuickAlert is the solution to meet these distinctly modern challenges and protect staff members and/or students. QuickAlert provides a quick and easy way for staff to alert security/law enforcement or everybody in the building to particular events (such as intruders or disturbances). QuickAlert can be adapted to meet any needs that you may have and is an affordable option for budget-scraped companies/institutions.


All QuickAlert instillations come with the mobile app and you can use either handheld buttons, wall mounted butons or a combination of both


Wall Mounted Buttons



Handheld Buttons



iOS & Android App


Wall Mounted Panic Button

If you elect to employ the wall-mounted panic buttons, then we can affix them wherever you like, although the most common implementation is at each desk. This button can trigger multiple different alerts and will alert the designated people of the exact location where the alert has been triggered.

Handheld Panic Button

If you elect to employ the hand-held panic buttons, then every staff member will be issued a panic button with a clip that can be attached to a lanyard or ID badge. This button can trigger multiple different alerts and will inform the designated people of who has triggered the alert.

iOS & Android App

All QuickAlert installations require the use of the iOS and Android app. All staff members are asked to install the app on their mobile device and sign in with their account. Through the app, staff members can trigger a whole host of alerts!

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