For Everything Under the Sun


Trac Time

Professional learning community time tracking


Account for students quickly & easily


The premier way to protect staff & students

Community Mobile

Community Mobile

Connect your community

Legacy Park


School Mobile

School Mobile

Connect your school

Big Shanty



Core X

Don't let your abs be flabs


Bringing the power of teachers to students

Emoticon Keyboard

Your favorite text emoticons at your fingertips

Custom Solutions

Kennesaw Traditions

A social media platform for Kennesaw State University

Chriopractic Mobile

One stop shop for all of your chiropractic needs

Swim Meet Board

Display software for a swim team during meets

Tap Talk

Agent-Action-Object communication made easy

Recent News

09/19/2018: Legacy Park Android Update Available

09/19/2018: Trac Time Training Video Available

09/13/2018: Chiropractic Mobile Update

09/08/2018: Kennesaw Traditions Update

09/05/2018: Introducing Chiropractic Mobile