For Everything Under the Sun


Trac Time

Professional learning community time tracking


Account for students quickly & easily


The premier way to protect staff & students

Community Mobile

Community Mobile

Connect your community

Legacy Park


Chiropractic Mobile

Chiropractic Mobile

One stop shop for all of your chiropractic needs

Eaton Chiropractic


School Mobile

School Mobile

Connect your school

Big Shanty



Core X

Don't let your abs be flabs


Bringing the power of teachers to students

Emoticon Keyboard

Your favorite text emoticons at your fingertips

Custom Solutions

Kennesaw Traditions

A social media platform for Kennesaw State University

Swim Meet Board

Display software for a swim team during meets

The Bright Side

Mobile companion of Cobb's oldest newspaper

Tap Talk

Agent-Action-Object communication made easy

Recent News

11/01/2018: New Update Available for Legacy Park

11/01/2018: Updated Data Sheets Available for QuickCount

10/09/2018: New Kennesaw Traditions Update Available

09/29/2018: New Legacy Park Update Available

09/19/2018: Legacy Park Android Update Available